by Abdul Hakim Akhira

A comment from our judge...

Perhaps a bit of a departure from theme, but certainly suggestive of a far off place of awe and wonder. "Checkmate" is composed well and balanced, it shows a dynamic scene with good point of view. It's enjoyable to look at the action as it is caught unfolding and makes the mind ponder what will happen after this moment. A good piece receiving 'Honorable Mention.'  


This is what your theme inspired me.

Before all, I built the galaxy with Universe.  After that, I built the Planet with Photoshop.  As well I create the stars background with Universe as well as the big white Lens flare.  So each part was on a separate layer.  And then I put them together with Photoshop to create my final work.

I titled it "Checkmate!" because this new planet being born will soon be destroyed by this huge comet and then will become a Supernovae.

Image size: 1191 x 888

Please do NOT copy this image.  It is the property of the artist who created it.   Thank you.