Universe Image Creator Bundle -Buy Both Programs and save $10

System Requirements:  Windows XP, Vista

Universe Image Creator Stand Alone Version 1.63 ($24.95)

Download Universe Version 1.63 - exe file ( 740Kb)

Universe Image Creator Plugins ($39.95)

Includes Planet Filter & Animation Tool

UIC Plug-ins Version below does not include .NET Frameworks. Install this release if you have Microsoft's Vista.
Download Universe Image Creator Plug-Ins - exe file (5.17Mb)

UIC Plug-ins Version below DOES include Microsoft's .NET Frameworks. You may need this release if you use XP and do not have .NET Frameworks installed. Note: Microsoft Vista includes .NET Frameworks.
Download Universe Image Creator Plug-Ins with .NET Frameworks - exe file (26.7Mb)



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