Universe Image Creator Plugins 2nd Edition, BETA
(compatible with PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photopaint, and more...)

This release features filters that can be used on Transparent Layers. We recommend you give it a try. You'll like it. This release is currently only available to current UIC Plug-ins customer.

Universe Image Creater (UIC) Plug-ins 2E allows you to create realistic images of deep space right in your favorite image editing program. Any program which supports the Adobe Photoshop 4.0 Filter Plug-in specification will work. 

The current effects of the pre-release version are Cluster, Distant Star, Nebula, Planet Map (Planets using texture maps), Stars, and Uranus (1-color gas giants). All effects are rendered in 3D and can be oriented in any position and on transparent backgrounds. This combined with the power of your image editing program yields fantastic deep space scenes.

UIC Plug-Ins PE is Shareware.  All of the filters can be viewed and you can get an idea how they work. However in the shareware mode, only the cluster effect can be rendered.  The remaining effects can be viewed but are rendered with a "Register at Diard Software" watermark.  They are all enabled when you register your copy.   We encourage you to "test drive" the program yourself.  We think you'll like what you see.

Download Files for Universe Image Creator Plugin 2nd Edition (BETA)
This release is only available to current UIC Plugin customers. It will replace UIC Plugins Planet Edition.
System Requirements:  Windows XP, Vista.

UIC Plug-ins Version below does not include .NET Frameworks. Install this release if you have Microsoft's Vista.
Download Universe Image Creator Plug-Ins 2nd Edition - exe file (4.9Mb)

UIC Plug-ins Version below DOES include Microsoft's .NET Frameworks. You may need this release if you use XP and do not have .NET Frameworks installed. Note: Microsoft Vista includes .NET Frameworks.
Download Universe Image Creator Plug-Ins 2nd Edition with .NET Frameworks - exe file (26.7Mb)



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