Universe Image Creator Stand Alone Program v1.63

Create realistic images of deep space.   First, create your star field and then add nebula, stars, vortex, lens flares, planets, and galaxies.  Requires Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista.    

Version 1.63 will run as "shareware". Just install the program without a registration ID and check it out.  You can use the following elements FREE: Star Field, Cluster, Nebula, Star, and Interstellar Gas. When you register, we'll sendyou a registration key to enable all of the features listed below.   PLEASE "try before you buy" and download a copy today!

When you register, these additional features will become enabled:

  • Galaxies which can be rotated in any direction imaginable.

  • Earth, Venus, and Moon style of planets. Each planet style has its own button on the toolbar and, of course, several parameters to allow you to customize your planet as you see fit.

  • Lens Flare

  • Vortex

Current registered users upgrade FREE!

Download Universe Image Creator Stand Alone Version 1.63 ($24.95)
Download Universe Version 1.63 - exe file ( 740Kb)


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